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T-L Irrigation

The T-L Difference

Carrfields  » T-L Irrigation


Linear Irrigation Systems

T-L Linear Irrigation Systems use up to 60% less water than flood irrigation and cover almost 98% of a rectangular field. Critical to higher value crops, T-L’s continuous movement performance delivers the most precise water pattern available.

T-L Linear irrigation systems share the same hydrostatic design features as our pivots and are fitted with T-L’s new GPS guidance system.

T-L offers various options in their line-up of Linear Irrigation systems including pivoting and towable laterals.

Carrfields  » T-L Irrigation


Centre Pivots

Carrfields Irrigation’s highly experienced centre pivot engineers’ mission is to provide simplicity, efficiency, exceptional performance and longevity to T-L’s centre pivot irrigation systems.

With over 60 years of experience, T-L has accumulated thousands of hours of pivot and lateral irrigation product research and development, resulting in systems that can be relied on to contribute to farming and irrigating success.

T-L offer a variety of options with their pivots with a range of pipe sizes to accommodate a wide range of flows, GPS guided corner arms and simple towable systems.

The team from Carrfields Irrigation are here to offer expert advice and assistance from design, to implementation and servicing to ensure farmers can maximise the benefits of their irrigation system.


T-L’s Hydrostatic Drive

T-L’s hydrostatic drive delivers numerous advantages electrically driven centre pivots can’t:

Continuous machine movement, which is critical to uniform water distribution, especially in low-pressure situations; Improved traction reducing the chances for getting stuck; and a constant-pressure-variable volume hydraulic pump ensuring full torque at any speed.

T-L’s centre pivot’s unique alignment control valve will stop the system if the system gets stuck or seriously misaligned. A sensor will shut off the water at the same time. Structural and crop damage are avoided. T-L drive units, unmatched in strength and traction, receive continuous power to each wheel from hydraulic motors that are directly coupled to the final drive gear assembly.

T-L centre pivots are specifically designed for low-speed, high torques applications, they operate equally well in either direction. Our planetary gear drive operates at nearly 90% efficiency. They get the power to the ground with a minimum of wasted energy.



The team will always be on call to assist if the customer has any questions and will endeavour to attend service and breakdown call outs in a timely fashion


ADDRESS 12 Woollen Mills Drive, Ashburton
PHONE 03 307 6690


ADDRESS 6 Mt Cass Road, Waipara
PHONE 03 314 6899


ADDRESS 100 Tarbert Street
, Alexandra
PHONE 03 440 2007





BRENt Dawson General Manager
PHONE 03 358 5015
MOBILE 027 801 3686
BRENDAN HAWES Sales and Design Manager
PHONE 03 307 6690
MOBILE 021 347 985
JEFF DENLEY Business Development Manager
MOBILE 021 467 473
JOHN RATCLIFF Branch Manager, Central Otago
PHONE 03 440 2007
MOBILE 027 801 4064
Over 30 years of corner system irrigation experience has resulted in consistently improved levels of performance and reliability. Advantages in technology have seen T-L introduce their GPS corner arm system.

This system includes Real Time Kinematic (RTK) high accuracy GPS and follows an easily adjustable path eliminating the need for installing complicated underground infrastructure to guide the arm.

T-L corner arms maintain continuous movement utilizing T-L’s patented hydraulic alignment controls. Smooth, accurate steering is achieved using a powerful hydraulic cylinder.

Comparing T-L’s corner system to electric: T-L’s corner irrigation system guidance is achieved through simple, safe, low voltage controls operating strong and dependable hydraulic power. This dramatically simplifies the control of the system.

T-L’s continuous movement reduces wear on the corner connection since the arm does not stop and go every minute of operation. The T-L corner adjusts to the constant speed of the center pivot end tower and maintains a uniform speed and connection position.